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Social Marketing as a Strategy to Influence Youth’s Nonprofit Behavior: Neuro Imaging Based Evidences

Sneha Saha and  Nuria Viejo-Fernández

Technological advancements in the field of marketing has opened up several horizons to the understanding of consumer behavior. The social marketing strategy is a blend of social infographics to influence consumer behavior towards social integrity and consciousness rather than the product. In the present study, the researchers aim to use neuro-imaging techniques to study the consumer behavior towards various social causes. This experimentation would for a basis of social marketing strategy development that can influence the non-profit behavior of the youth consumers. The present study is divided in three phases, phase 1 is the pilot phase, and in this phase surveys will be conducted to understand the youth motivation towards social cause. Phases 2 is where neuro-imaging techniques will be used to identify the underlying psychological processes of youth nonprofit behavior. Phase 3, where on the basis of previous phase results social marketing strategy will be developed, implemented and tested. Youths are the country’s backbone and support to the future prosperity. Early training and molding of youth’s nonprofit behavior can be predictive of a community that is sensitive and active towards social causes. Neuro imaging experiments will help to understand the psychological processes that influences youth nonprofit behavior. Such psychological influence are important to investigate. This investigation will help researchers to design a predictive social marketing strategy to influence and sensitize the youth’s nonprofit behavior.

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