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Call for Book Chapters

Call for Book Chapter-Environmental Psychology: Insights for a sustainable future-A Handbook

Environmental psychology is an upcoming field where the emphasis is on studying human strivings and thrivings in a healthy environment. With the advent of technological changes, we have to sustain ourselves in different challenging environments. Environmental psychology can, thus, be thought of as an interdisciplinary field which focuses on human-environment interaction that is, examining the influence of the environment on human behavior, experiences, well‐being and overall functioning, and at the same time influence of individuals on the environment.

In this sense, we invite chapters for an edited book that focus on assessing the human-environment interaction and identifying processes that regulate or mediate this interaction. 

The proposed book aims to introduce students, professionals, and the general audience to key topics in contemporary environmental psychology. The book will have three parts. Part A focusses on proposing a history and scope with special emphasis on establishing linkages between human and environment and the cultural perspectives towards it. Part B explores the theoretical underpinnings of environmental psychology. Part C focusses on designing interventions for enhancing pro-environmental behaviors.

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