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Assistant Professor,
Department of Psychology,
School of Humanities and Social Sciences,
CHRIST (Deemed to be University),
Delhi NCR

Sneha Saha is an Assistant Professor with the Department of Psychology, CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Delhi NCR with over eight years of experience. 
Her doctoral study was based on the capacities of positive youth development interventions on adolescents.  She is an awarded gold medalist for a master of psychology degree and research methodology course. 
Her scale publication of national repute named ‘The Cinderella Complex Scale-A measurement of Women Dependency Syndrome’, is already being used by many young researchers and showing extraordinary relevance to the community. 
She is a published researcher with a book, book chapters, and Scopus publications to her credit.   
She is a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist by EKKA Foundation, Mumbai. She collaborates with multiple national and international colleagues on research in Environmental Psychology, Media and Tech Psychology.

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